The Team

Board of Direction

The board makes sure everything is running as smoothly as possible. They communicate and plan on the direction of Iconic Gaming as a whole, and are responsible for products, quality assurance, and act as a bridge between the community and the developer team.

Meet the members on the board below:


Founder and CEO

Hello! My name is Mia, better known as iGottic! I’ve been on Roblox since 2010, and I started development in 2014. Since then I’ve been progressing more and more in skill and flexibility.

My strongest suit is programming. I am very familiar with both the LuaU and Roblox API, as well any other relevant API ends. I can also do UI, UX, Modeling, Animation, Level Design, GFX, Music, SFX, and more.

I'm also an Event Organizer and PlayFab beta analyst at Roblox.

My Web Page


Project and Staff Management

Hi there! My username's Vuriety but I like to go by Vy, I've worked around many different communities since just about 2015, and with this much experience, I've learned both; how to interact with people and how to develop. I typically design clothing in my free time, and I enjoy building for the fun of it.

What I do really enjoy though, is creating bonds with each individual person on my team and making sure everything runs smoothly. I love learning, so being able to hold this position gives me an opportunity not just to learn about the people within the iG Studios community, but the people who contribute to it too.

Roblox Profile || Discord@Vy#2222


Social Media Assistant Management

Hi there, my name is ggKort but I usually go by Kort. I have been a staff member for Iconic Gaming since September 2020. I usually play either cs;go, valorant or roblox. If you ever need help feel free to reach out to me on discord!

Supervisors of the Development Team

The development team takes charge of the project direction and actively works to ensure top quality! They communicate and plan in casual settings, unlike what you see in movies. Ideas are bounced around until some land, and that's how updates and products come to be!

The lead developers make sure that all assignments are fair and stress-free to make sure that the workplace remains a fun one. Meet the developers on our team below:


Game Designer: Militant

Members of the Development Team


Level Design

Little Illustrations



Modeling and Texture Art



Hi! My username is Psycho, but I usually go by Psych. People tend to know me as PsychoRblx, I've worked on a couple of games in the past; specifically FPS shooters. I've also worked as a Viewmodel Animator in some games, or sometimes a character animator. I've been animating for quite some time now so I can say I'm quite experienced with it.




Members of the Moderation Team



Hello, my name is Superior and I have been a part of the iG staff team since June of 2021. I am a developer and project manager for many games on the Roblox platform.



Hello! My name is Kyle or you can also call me Xylo/XyloOmega. I, alongside a few friends of mine, have been working for IG Studio's since April 2022. We have been enjoying our stay here with such a lovely community and great people! I like to play games like Valorant, CSGO, Minecraft, Warzone, GTA V, and much much more! :D Feel free to interact with me any day at any time!

Roblox Profile || YouTube Channel || Discord@XyloOmega#0001



Hello! My name is Benny also known as BqbRoss on Roblox, I mainly play Roblox to moderate or sometimes play with friends, I've got a lot of experience when it comes to moderation and look forward to expand it with iG Studios! Feel free to DM me on discord.

Roblox Profile || Discord@Benny#8226



Hi there, Theo here! Just your average everyday Moderator and Coffee shop employee at your service! I always am here to help dont be afraid to ask anything! C:

Roblox Profile || Discord@Theodore#0220



Hello, im Void (Some call me Mason) I'm an average person who loves hanging out with people. Can't wait to meet new people from IG Studios.

Roblox Profile || Discord@SpokenVoid#0077



Hello! My name is Aaron, but I preferably go by AXL. I'm still going to school and stuff but I'm active on Roblox/Discord after school so my schedule is pretty balanced. I've started working as a staff On August 30th for IG , I've also have staffed for a game with some of my friends in the past before so I have some idea of what's to be expected of this team. It's a pleasure to work with all of you guys and I hope we can get along in the future. One of my favorite hobbies is playing sports especially volleyball. Dont feel scared in anyway to reach out to me, if anything holler at me every once in a while!

Roblox Profile || Discord@AXL#7981



Hello! My name is Verify, I mainly play Roblox and Valorant. I do Youtube and love to meet new people online! Feel free to dm me anytime to play games or just to talk.

Roblox Profile || Discord@Verify#6666



Hello! My name is Bree. I am a adult gamer and I moderate a lot of roblox games to keep them free of exploiters and fun for everyone. In my spare time I take nature walks and do some fishing. If you ever need assistance please feel free to dm me. Play to win but always remember to have fun!!

Discord@🍯 ~ Bree ~ 🐝 (Honey Bee)#7481



Ohayō, I'm Zodiac! Some prefer to call me Zodi or simply Zo. I'm a gamebattles call of duty player and looking to play in challengers within the next year or two. Powerlifter in the making and moderator to IG Studio's :) I'm currently on the quest for as much achievable knowledge so that I can max out my stats <3

Roblox Profile || Discord@Zodiac#1967



Ello there! :3 I'm YOLO, Team Member for IG Studios and I'm so glad to be part of it! Me as a person, I love cats, am an very epik gamer, still doing school, but am usually still open besides that, and I'll get through it lol. I don't have a preferred name so you can just call me YOLO, I don't have a very large selection of games i play cause if i did I'd probs go crazy. Feel free to dm me, I'm sort of a talky person and I enjoy company every now and then. that's kind of it, have a very epik day/night!

Roblox Profile || Discord@YOLO#8129

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