Militant [COMING SOON]

Militant is a tactical shooter centered around modern weaponry and fighting styles. This project is still under development and is not yet released.

Swift Hightail 2

Swift Hightail 2 is a movement racing game based on the original Swift Hightail. This game is unreleased and still in development.

Disaster Masters [ALPHA]

Be the first to get the disaster totem to become the disaster master and wreak havoc on all of the survivors, or else perish! Scramble around and avoid the insane disasters the disaster master has to throw your way. Fling yourself across the map to dodge destruction, or if you’re the master, destroy everything! Play here.

No-Scope Arcade

No-Scope Arcade is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, movement-based first-person shooter! Run through the battleground arena to squash the competition and come out as the ultimate winner.

Unlock gun skins, character operators, bullet tracers, kill effects, and melee weapons with the tokens you get rewarded. Evade your enemies with jumping, sliding, and wall-hopping movements to avoid being shot. Slay the enemies in the endgame and use map strategies to your advantage. Play here. 


Caliber is an arcadey first-person shooter centered around randomizer game modes. Fight your enemies alone or with teammates in a variety of action-packed maps with a plethora of unique weapons across the globe! Sprint, slide, jump, and win to level up and unlock more weapons, operators, skins, melees, and more. Play here.

Pistol 1v1

Pistol 1v1 is a competitive one-versus-one shooter. Queue in matches, fight, and obtain wins to rank up and unlock cosmetics! Play here.

No-Scope Sniping

No-Scope Sniping: An intense skill-based game based on the classic idea of no-scope trickshotting! Compete to earn kills, wins, money, XP, and more, which can can be used to get unlocks that can enhance your gameplay! Play here. 

No-Scope Vault: A collection of 2018 and 2019 classic version of No-Scope Sniping. These are in no way maintained. Play here. 

What's the Word?

In "What's The Word?", you are given prompts in which you must answer creatively, but without usage of a specified letter (or letters)! At the end of every round, vote for your favorite responses; the most voted response gets 50 points and bragging rights; Use points to unlock music, vote card styles, chat tags and more! Play here. 

Swift Hightail

Swift Hightail is a procedurally-generated speed running platformer where every round is different. Didn't do so hot last time? There's another chance! Every match players must race to the finish for fame and reward, making it the perfect competitive game. Play here. 

Infinite Autocorrect

Welcome to Infinite Autocorrect! Type up documents for your boss, customize your cubicle to be the craziest, and blow your friends away with amazing working skill! Don't feel like doing work? Well goof around in the office with others; drink pool water, get hyper on coffee, get silly objects to play with, and more. Socialize with your friends and family in this casual and comedic office area! Play here.